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Sumatra - Indonesia Travel and Tourism Guide

Sumatra in Indonesia is one of the largest islands of the Indonesian archipelago. Sumatra is famous for its beaches as well as wildlife and nature, in particular the orang utan and the Sumatran tiger. Key tourist destinations, attractions and activities include the Gunung Leuse National Park, Bukittinggi, the beaches of Sabang, the island of Nias, Lako Toba, just to name a few. Best time to travel is during the dry season.

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Sumatra Hotels and Flights

Sumatra has a good selection of resorts and hotels suitable for the business traveller and tourist. Guesthouses and lodges are also available in most parts of the island of Sumatra. Medan's international airport is the main gateway to Sumatra with regular flights arriving from Singapore, Malaysia and other countries in the region. There is a good network of local flights from other islands in Indonesia.

Sumatra Wildlife and Nature

Sumatra is famous for its flora and fauna and many rare speciies, including the organg utan.